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OpenText Cybersecurity Director Steven Wood on Consolidation, Skills Shortage

Steven Wood, director, solutions consulting, OpenText Cybersecurity

As more organizations undergo resource and cost pressures, 86% of managed security services customers are deciding to consolidate security tools and outsource their security requirements, according to the OpenText Cybersecurity 2023 Global Managed Security Survey.

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“This is not a surprising statistic for us,” said Steven Wood of OpenText Cybersecurity. “With the plethora of new solutions that are coming out, a service provider is delivering these capabilities to customers who have more and more vendors that they have to deal with – and more threat landscape attack vectors that they need to cater for,” he said.

“So, having a vendor that can solve multiple problems with a single solution – perhaps with a single pane of glass – is of tremendous value for MSPs,” he said.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Wood discussed:

  • The latest innovations in modern cybersecurity tactics;
  • Why cybersecurity leaders need to receive more credit for their work;
  • Why the majority of MSP customers are looking to consolidate security tools.

Wood has over 15 years of experience in the field, assisting IT service providers. Before Open Text Cybersecurity, he worked at Carbonite, Bell Microproducts and Dell.


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