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Almost half of MSP clients fell victim to a cyberattack within the last 12 months. In the SMB world, the danger is especially acute as only 50% of SMBs have a dedicated internal IT person to take care of cybersecurity. No wonder cybercriminals are targeting SMBs so heavily. No wonder SMBs are increasingly willing to pay a subscription or retainer to gain access to expert C-level cyber-assistance in devising and implementing strategies to prevent breaches, reduce risk, and mitigate the consequences of attacks.

Hence the popularity of Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services. They are especially attractive to MSPs and MSSPs as:

  • They enable service providers to address a growing need from their SMB clients for proactive cyber resilience
  • They offer the potential to grow recurring revenues – expand into a new customer base or sell a new service to existing customers
  • They help service providers differentiate themselves
  • They are an excellent vehicle from which to upsell additional cybersecurity services to existing customers

However, most service providers only offer a portion of overall CISO duties. One might offer compliance services while others focus on risk assessment, business continuity, technology acquisition or audit preparation. Those offering the complete range of vCISO services can charge a lot more while delivering services that are highly valued. But standing in the way are the labor-intensive nature of services that require highly skilled experts and are difficult to scale. So, how exactly do successful vCISO providers overcome these obstacles?

The eBook, “What does it take to be a full-fledged Virtual CISO?” provides answers gleaned from some of the best vCISOs in the world – people who have successfully scaled their services without adding personnel or expensive infrastructure.

The eBook explains:

  • The essential functions of the vCISO – the minimum requirements for full vCISO services
  • What it takes to move from partial delivery of vCISO duties to comprehensive delivery
  • The upsell potential of delivering comprehensive vCISO services
  • How vCISOs already providing security risk assessments or compliance services can expand those offerings effortlessly
  • The platforms that can help vCISO providers add sufficient automation to be able to broaden their offerings and scale without adding more personnel resources.

Download the eBook here.

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