‘We All Know Someone That Lost Someone’


In addition to being the co-founder, CEO and CISO of security software company Gytpol, Tal Kollender is a citizen of Israel – a young country with a heritage several thousands of years old – and a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces.

After the latest Israel-Hamas war began, Kollender found herself in the United States, trying to return to her homeland, but “no airline was flying to or from Israel,” she said. The Oct. 7 terrorist attack hit home for Kollender, who said, “We all know someone that lost someone.”

In this episode of‘s podcast series “Cybersecurity Insights,” she discussed:

  • Her personal views about the Israel-Hamas war;
  • Her background and experience in the field of cybersecurity;
  • Gytpol’s fast growth and status as a self-funded company.

Kollender started her career as a teenage hacker and was later recruited to the IT Corp. Cyber Security-Systems Division, where she served as a cyber specialist in the Israel Defense Forces. She also spent more than five years as CISO and IT security architect for Dell EMC.


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