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AI and Governance Expert Stresses Importance of Training for All Employees

Raef Meeuwisse, AI and governance expert, ISACA

According to a recent pulse poll from ISACA on generative AI, only 6% of respondents’ organizations are providing training to all staff on AI, and more than half – 54% – say that no AI training is provided at all, even to teams directly affected by AI.

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Raef Meeuwisse, ISACA AI and governance expert, advised organizations to “definitely” provide “mandatory training for employees using AI technologies.”

“Anybody and everybody in your organization needs it. They all need a baseline level,” he said. But, in particular, individuals with privileged access rights should undergo comprehensive AI training. “They’re going to need a lot more training and understanding about what could happen, what could go wrong and how they need to safeguard the company, the organization and its data,” he said.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Meeuwisse discussed:

  • Key highlights from the ISACA member poll pulse on generative AI;

  • How to form a robust generative AI policy;

  • The strongest use cases for AI to enhance cybersecurity and digital trust.

Meeuwisse is an ISACA AI and governance subject matter expert who also works as a professional speaker. He has multiple ISACA certifications and is one of the most popular independent authors in the field of cybersecurity. His titles include the highly rated, global best seller, “Cybersecurity for Beginners”; the brand-new “Artificial Intelligence for Beginners”; and “How to Hack a Human,” an exploration of how easily people can be controlled and influenced.


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