The Impact of Zero Trust Networks on Cloud Transformation and Access


Naveen Palavalli, Vice President Product Strategy, Netskope on the rise of Zero Trust Networks

Naveen Palavalli, Vice President Of Product Strategy at Netskope

Experience a revolutionary shift in how organizations operate as they embrace cloud transformation, with Gartner’s forecast of 70% of business applications residing in the cloud by 2023.

The convergence of hybrid work and remote data access demands a new security approach to circumvent centralized data centers’ complexities, ensuring a seamless user experience and cost efficiency.

Dive into a compelling video interview with Naveen and Information Security Media Group, unveiling pivotal insights such as:

  • VPNs’ limitations in meeting today’s enterprise security needs;
  • The strategic evaluation of network re-architecture to embrace Zero Trust for cloud success;
  • Cloud-based ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) empowering businesses with rapid, secure scalability while optimizing capital and operational expenditure.

Palavalli has 20+ years of leadership experience in product management and GTM roles, with a deep knowledge of SSE, endpoint, cloud, XDR, and network security technologies. He has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a MS in Computer Science from University of Southern California.


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