Report: Observability Forecast 2022 – The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Observability Research


Last year, the 2021 Observability Forecast report focused on how, driven by digital transformation, full-stack observability (o11y) has become missioncritical to the success of every modern business. The report provided compelling reasons why it’s time for organizations to shift to full-stack observability so that they can plan, build, deploy, and run great software that powers optimal digital experiences for their customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.

This year, the 2022 Observability Forecast report focuses on the next chapter in the story—it looks at what’s driving observability practices today, how organizations are transforming those practices, and how observability impacts the lives of technical professionals. The report also includes a snapshot of emerging technologies that will potentially drive a further need for observability over the next three years.


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