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Bill Willis


A leading thinker in the areas of Security, Compliance, Cryptography, Biometrics, Credentialing, and Identity Management with a career of Identity and Security solutioning. Technology Founder and Inventor of IBM’s Flagship Identity Management System, Tivoli Identity Manager/ISIM Served as IBM’s Global Subject Matter Expert for Security and Identity. Commercialized the Iris biometric technology used globally for identification. Inventor of the Biometric Engine™, a Next Generation AFIS which provided support for biometrics such as Palm, Face, Iris, Voice and DNA.

Inventor of foundational patents for Identity and Biometrics.

Bill has designed and implemented global identity and compliance solutions for Government, Finance, Aviation/Travel, Healthcare, Insurance, Sporting, Retail, Petro Chemical, Manufacturing, Construction. He is an active member of ISSA, ISACA and a past member of the SIA, Board of Advisors of the EMA. Board of Advisors for the Masters of Technology program at the University of California Fullerton.


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