Live Webinar | Imagine a Safer Cybersecurity that’s Easier: Australia’s New Approach to SSEWebinar.


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Live Webinar | Imagine a Safer Cybersecurity that's Easier: Australia’s New Approach to SSE

In a recent 2023 Security Service Edge (SSE) Report, 67% of organizations plan to start their SASE strategy with a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform rather than WAN Edge Services and 48% say their primary SSE use case is securing access for their remote and hybrid employees.

In today’s increasingly interconnected work environment, traditional security perimeters are bypassed easily as the usage of data can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. This expands the attack surface, coupled with the constant growth of sophisticated threats.

This webinar explores the comprehensive world of SSE capabilities and how it can revolutionize network security and streamline IT operations in today’s dispersed and complex landscape.

Join this Webinar to learn:

  • How do highly distributed environments make secure connectivity hard?
  • Cybersecurity readiness index as of March 2023;
  • Evolution to SASE and the Security Service Edge.


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