Integrating Generative AI Into the Threat Detection Process


Shyhawk Security has integrated generative AI into its threat detection process and significantly increased the speed and lowered the costs of detecting breaches based by focusing on anomalous activity.

In this episode of‘s podacst series “Cybersecurity Insights,” Chen Burshan, CEO of Skyhawk Security, and Amir Shachar, Skyhawk’s director of AI and security research, discuss:

  • How Skyhawk’s Threat Detector feature uses the ChatGPT API;
  • How generative AI is addressing the shortage of skilled cloud security personnel;
  • What the AI arms race means for the future of cloud security and the broader cybersecurity landscape.

Burshan has led product and strategy teams for companies in the security space for more than 10 years. He previously served as vice president of strategy, general manager and site manager at Dome9 – acquired by Check Point. His journey as a product leader and manager in technology companies began over 20 years ago, with roles at IBM and Cisco.

Shachar has extensive expertise in mathematics, computer science, statistics and data science. He is the author of papers on semi-discrete calculus and a co-inventor of numerous patents.


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