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Cloud Security Vendor CTO on Response to Cyberattacks on Critical Services

Guy Shafir, CTO, WideOps

DDoS and other cyberattacks against media outlets and critical services are what Guy Shafir, CTO of Israeli tech vendor WideOps, has been dealing with since the start of the terrorist attacks in Israel on Oct. 7. Shafir shared details about the response to these intense attacks.

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“On October 7, 8, 9, 10, we saw a flood of cybersecurity attacks. Most of them were not particularly innovative, but the volume has been intense,” Shafir said. “But we do not see anything new or anything we haven’t seen before, so we and other companies are fending off these attacks with great success. We are demoralizing the other side continuing these attacks. Hopefully, as this continues, we will continue fending off potential threats.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Shafir discussed:

  • The cyber side of the Hamas attacks on Israel;
  • How WideOps has helped customers and citizens respond;
  • His message of resilience to WideOps teammates, customers and global partners.

Shafir is CTO of WideOps, a cloud security vendor headquartered in Israel.


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