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Norgine CISO Nick Prescot on Incident Response, Benefits of an ‘Adaptive Factory’

Nick Prescot, CISO, Norgine

Practicing incident response procedures is as important as practicing fire drills, said CISO Nick Prescot of Norgine. But beyond regularly testing the plan, security leaders must foster a collaborative environment so their teams maintain a sense of calm in the heat of an incident.

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“It’s all about training, so that when the day comes, it’s relatively controlled,” Prescot said. “But I don’t think you can completely 100% plan for an event. It’s about having that adaptability, that flexibility, that dynamism and thinking on the spot.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at Infosecurity Europe 2023, Prescot discussed:

  • Holding everyone accountable for cybersecurity best practices;

  • The importance of a well-rehearsed incident response plan;
  • The “adaptive factory” approach and how it relates to cybersecurity.

Prescot is responsible for the protection of confidential information and medical data and the production of medicinal products that are in line with IT and OT requirements. He supports his board’s focus on having a resilient and robust security posture and building a framework with suppliers to ensure cyber maturity.


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