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The policy’s purpose is to define proper practices for using Apple iCloud services whenever accessing, connecting to, or otherwise interacting with organization systems, services, data and resources.

This policy, from TechRepublic Premium, can be customized as needed to fit the needs of your organization.

From the policy:


All organization representatives, including all users of the organization’s applications, IT networks, systems and computers, who access organization servers, systems, programs, databases, email, calendars, messaging, telecommunications platforms, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, files, services, information and other resources using an Apple iCloud account, regardless of whether the account is owned or paid for by the organization or by the individual personally, must adopt the following practices designed to protect the organization’s information and systems from unauthorized access, use, dissemination and corruption:

  • No illegal activities. Organization representatives must never use iCloud services for any illegal activity or purpose.
  • Only organization information within iCloud accounts. Only organization data and information should ever be stored within organization-provided or organization-reimbursed iCloud accounts. Personal photos, videos, files and information should never be stored within organization-provided or -reimbursed iCloud accounts.


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