How Our Own Insecurity Fuels Global Threats


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Professor John Walker on Need for Organizational Introspection, Global Perspective

John Walker, professor, Nottingham Trent University

Criminals have built highly successful business models by hacking into a wide range of organizations at will. University professor John Walker warned that the world is witnessing the unintended consequences of our collective inability to secure assets – kinetic threats to global stability. And vulnerabilities in cryptocurrency trading play a major role.

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Walker urged organizations that claim to prioritize security to engage in introspection, assess the qualifications of personnel and evaluate the tangible results of their security efforts on a global scale. Above all, he said, it takes honesty and a genuine commitment to making a difference to global cybersecurity.

“It’s a case of being proactive. It’s a case of not just following pieces of paper and ticking boxes. It’s about picking that tick up and looking underneath the tape to see exactly what is being delivered in real time and real robust security,” he said.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Walker discussed:

  • How cyber insecurity is leading to global kinetic instability;

  • The paradigm shift required for cybersecurity strategies to be successful;
  • The effectiveness of international collaborations and frameworks in addressing the international nature of cyberthreats.

In addition to focusing on cybersecurity at Nottingham Trent University, Walker serves on the advisory board for the Kent Interdisciplinary Research Center in Cyber Security – KirCCS – at the University of Kent. He formerly served in the Royal Air Force in security and counterintelligence.


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