Generative AI’s Role in Secure Software Development


Brian Roche, CPO of Veracode, on How AI Will Save Developers Time and Accelerate Secure Software Development

Brian Roche, chief product officer, Veracode

Developers want to move quickly and they want security to be “a natural part” of every step in the software development life cycle. Generative AI can play a pervasive role in helping cybersecurity keep up the pace, according to Brian Roche, chief product officer at Veracode.

“Generative AI will be part of everything we do, part of developers’ vernacular and the way that they work from now into the future,” he said. Ultimately, the goal is to not trade speed for secure code, he said.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2023, Roche also discusses:

  • The “relentless pressure” to get software to market quickly;
  • The role of generative AI in software security by design;
  • Veracode’s AI solution that produces “fixed recommendations for developers.”

With over two decades of experience in engineering leadership positions, Roche leads agile organizations, implements DevSecOps, and delivers SaaS-based solutions with global teams at scale. He has held several leadership positions at EMC, Cognizant and most recently at Medidata.


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