Elon Musk met with Italy Prime Minister to talk A.I., birth rates, as hunt for new factory location continues

Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Ludovic Marin | Afp | Getty Images

Elon Musk met with Italy Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on Thursday and discussed the risks of artificial intelligence and birth rates, among other topics, the Italian leader tweeted Thursday.

The Tesla CEO landed in Rome on Thursday on a flight from Austin, Texas, according to the Instagram account that tracks the billionaire’s private jet.

It marks the start of what is expected to be a short European tour. Musk will travel to France on Friday to speak at the Viva Tech conference in Paris, the country’s biggest technology event.

Meloni tweeted in Italian that she and Musk discussed “innovation, opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence, European market regulations, and birth rates.”

Musk has repeatedly warned of the risks of artificial intelligence. In February, Musk said AI is “one of the biggest risks to the future of civilization.” Musk has also in the past called rapidly declining birth rates “one of the biggest risks to civilization.”

The meeting with the Italian prime minister comes as leaders in Europe attempt to woo the Tesla boss into building a new car manufacturing facility in their countries.

France’s Digital Minister Jean-Noel Barrot told CNBC this week that the country’s government is trying to convince Musk “that France is the best possible place in Europe to establish the next Tesla factory.”

Musk is expected to speak in Paris on Friday at the Viva Tech summit, which French President Emmanuel Macron attended this week. The Tesla boss is also expected to meet with Macron.

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