Cloud NGFW for Azure: From On-Prem to Azure, Seamlessly SecureWebinar.


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Webinar | Cloud NGFW for Azure: From On-Prem to Azure, Seamlessly Secure

Over the past few years, cloud adoption has been steadily on the rise, revolutionizing and reinventing the way organizations drive their businesses. To stay ahead of the competition, organizations are looking for agility and scalability in product development and processes. Moreover, cloud adoption frees up valuable resources to focus on rapid application innovation that delivers business value.

To realize the potential of cloud-driven productivity, cost savings, and competitiveness, organizations leverage hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to automate infrastructure management and deployments. Getting to these benefits is one thing, yet safeguarding it is another.

Register for this webinar to learn more about:

  • Three Key Challenges of Securing Cloud Deployments
  • How Cloud NGFW for Azure provides more flexibility for your network security use cases
  • How Cloud NGFW provides robust, secure, and scalable connectivity between your hub and branches


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