Cisco XDR: Making Defenders’ Lives Better


Cisco connected the world; who better to defend it? This is the mindset Carlos Diaz brings to the new Cisco XDR release, which he says is designed to make cybersecurity defenders’ lives easier. The message that defenders should draw from this XDR solution, he says, is “Cisco knows me.”

In an interview with ISMG, Diaz discusses:

  • Early response to the new solution;
  • Key differentiators of Cisco XDR;
  • Why Cisco is best positioned as a vendor to serve defenders.

Diaz is a Cisco Principal Engineer focusing on defensive countermeasures, large scale information management and security visibility efficacy for endpoint technologies to represent the core capabilities of SOC detection, investigation and response. Before joining Cisco, he built, operated and transferred SOC programs in critical sector clients where he focused on the engineering of distributed computing systems with an emphasis on scalable digital forensics and incident response capabilities fused with commercial and open-source technologies. He has 20 years of extensive expertise spanning across public and private sector assignments including Google and McAfee. He specializes in the practical incorporation of cyber tactics and information security frameworks into high stress and dynamic environments leading to the productized delivery of modern detection and response products (D&R) for the enterprise endpoint markets.


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