Audiocast | Aité-Novarica’s Cybersecurity Impact Award


This episode covers the highlights of Aite-Novarica’s first-ever Cybersecurity Impact Award and announces that Radiant Logic was chosen as the winner for 2022. In this episode, we’ll listen to John Horn, Director of the Cybersecurity practice at the Aite Novarica Group discuss the award’s background, purpose, and selection criteria.

John Horn leads the Cybersecurity practice at Aite-Novarica Group, which provides valuable cybersecurity research, insights, and advisory services to financial services firms. In addition to leading a team of two Strategic Advisors, John functions as a distinguished industry expert and critical thinker within the rapidly evolving domains of cybersecurity, information security, and identity. His coverage areas include identity and access management, authentication, nth-party risk, converged data intelligence, data consortiums, public sector collaboration, and cybersecurity best practices for the chief information security officer/board.


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