AI-Driven Identity Security Can Enable Clinician Autonomy


Healthcare entities are “stressed,” in the words of SailPoint’s Rob Sebaugh, and identity security has paid a steep toll. But modernization, led by AI-driven identity security, can help reduce risk and enable clinician and clinician management autonomy.

In an audio interview with Information Security Media Group, Sebaugh discusses:

  • How automation can help expedite clinician access and satisfaction;
  • Benefits of modernizing identity management with AI-driven solutions;
  • Increasing efficiencies and reducing operational overhead;
  • How to build a robust identity security program without having to start from square one.

Sebaugh is the Healthcare Identity Strategist at SailPoint. In this capacity, he works to support customer, partner, engineering, and development organizations in addressing the challenges specific to Healthcare and the growing needs for Identity Security in this industry. Prior to joining SailPoint, he was the Senior Director for Identity and Access Management for the United States largest provider of government funded health insurance.


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